Where did the last year go? or D turning 1

Okay, so it hasn’t been a year yet, but the 1 month countdown to D’s 1st birthday starts today.  To celebrate, we’re going to have some fun, and you can win prizes, and get discounts!

At the end of the contest period, the person with the most entries will receive a $50 gift certificate to the shop! (draw date will be Sunday March 25th after the Truro Welcome Wagon Baby Show.)

I will also use random.org to draw 2 names who will each receive a secondary prize of 20% off their next order. There will also be random opportunities to receive small prizes throughout the contest period.


Spread the Word

Tell your friends about The Fluff & Stuff Shop!  Then come back here and comment what you did so I will know.

  • Like us (or be a current fan) on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Share our Facebook Page (1 entry)
  • Tag our Facebook Page in a post {@The Fluff & Stuff Shop} (1 entry)
  • Have your friends post on our wall and tell us you sent them (1 entry each)
  • Comment on or Like a post on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Make a purchase (2 entries for every $10)
  • Rate us on Padded Tush Stats (1 entry)
  • Follow our blog (1 entry)
  • Re-blog this blog entry (5 entries)
  • Sign up for our e-mail list (2 entries)
  • Follow me on Pinterest (1 entry)
  • Pin this blog post on Pinterest (1 entry) use the logo –>
  • Pin items from our website or shop on Pinterest (1 entry)

Scavenger Hunt

Make your way around our website, Facebook page, and blog searching for the next item on the list.   Sometimes I’ll give the item, sometimes you’ll have to figure it out based on a clue.  It could be an image, a word, or a product.  Remember to keep track, you will need your list later.  Once you find the item, you will get a head start in the hunt by receiving the next item or clue! Post them as you find them (item and where) here in the comments as a separate comment (we don’t want to give away the answers before everyone has a chance to find them).  Each item you find also gives you 1 entry into the draw for the $50 gift certificate.  I will post a new clue every few days, so if you don’t find one of them, no worries, you still have a chance to find the next one!

1st on the list: D’s birthday theme is Owls, go to the website and find a picture of an owl!

Being sick sucks!

Our family is slowly recovering from some icky bugs.  My other half, A, and I took turns last weekend fighting a stomach bug, while D barely got touched (yay for anti-bodies in breastmilk!)  Then, D and I got a sinus infection, which is now on its way out.  Needless to say, I spent a lot of time this past week trying to rest.  I do mean TRYING, D is on the move and won’t let a little sickness put a damper on his fun.

During this “resting”, I got to do a lot of internet surfing (that’s resting, right?), and I thought I’d share some of the goodies I came across.

  • My friend, Andrea, is running a fun contest to beat the February blahs: HERE
  • I broke down and joined Pinterest, you can follow me HERE (I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, yet)
  • I ordered a harness for D… I know.. it seems not so nice, but he is an early walker and I am paranoid about him darting away from me once he figures out how.  Check them out! Not just any silly harness, it is Canadian, WAHM made, with superior design and functionality, gives him some more space to feel free, and it is made strong 🙂
  • I added a Happy Heinys one for all to a local WAHM’s Facebook Fan giveaway HERE
  • I also ordered a super cute Owl hat from her too (D’s bday theme is Owls)
  • I may have also purchased some super cute Owl graphics 😛

Not the most productive week ever, but at least I found some cool stuff!

Stay tuned for some fun in the coming month as I get ready to countdown to my baby’s first birthday!



Giving the Gift of Cloth

I mentioned this in this month’s newsletter, but I wanted to talk a little more about giving cloth diapers as a gift.  It can be a daunting task, especially if you are unsure whether or not the recipient is open to the idea.

If you are like me, then you are not quiet about the fact that you cloth diaper, everyone who knows me, know that my baby has a fluffy butt.  So, none of my preggo friends are surprised when I bring it up.  But even the ones who are interested in the idea have a hard time taking that first step, or convincing their other half that cloth is the way to go.  For them, I feel that it is even more important for me to gift them some fluff and give them that little nudge to start them off.

I try my best to not be too pushy about it, I want them to know that if cloth isn’t for them, then they can pass the diapers on to someone else, no hard feelings.

Here are a few things to think about when deciding to give the gift of cloth:

  • What is going to fit their lifestyle
  • How open are they to the idea of cloth diapers
  • How can you make it fun for them
  • How can you educate them in the process
Scavenger Hunt #4 April 21st, we’re co-hosting something ‘great’. Find the Facebook Page for the event. The next clue is in the description.
Depending on how much you want to spend, there are a number of ways to give the gift of cloth.  There are cloth diaper kits available like the Bummis Newborn Pack (12 preemie prefolds and 2 super brite covers), and the Happy Heinys Starter kits (3 one size velcro pocket diapers, wipes, heiny spray and a wetbag).  You can also make your own “starter kit” with some diapers and a wetbag.

I have been giving a little taste of everything, one 6-pack of Bummis prefolds, one Bummis cover, a Snappi, small Bummis wetbag, one Fuzzibunz one size, one Happy Heinys velcro one size, and samples of Rockin’ Green and wipe cubes. Don’t feel like you have to give all of that though, I clearly have an advantage in that area.  Image

Everyone can use prefolds for something, even if they don’t use them for diapering.  They are great for spit up, spills, cleaning, under baby’s bum on the change table, etc.  You will never waste your money if you buy someone pre-folds.  We even have a downloadable pdf file with care instructions and instructions for folding pre-folds, here. Print it out for them, or send them the link once they have received their gift.

ImageA pocket diaper or an all-in-one makes a great gift, too.  They resemble a disposable diaper in shape and function, and can make the introduction of cloth a little easier. Of course, you can always give a gift certificate to a local cloth diaper shop.  The staff will gladly introduce them to cloth diapering, and if they choose not to go that route, they can still pick out something nice from the shop.  If you are ordering gifts from our website, remember to indicate in the order comments that the items you are ordering are a gift and I will make sure to add in some laundry samples!

On the flip side, if you know someone having a baby that is definitely interested in cloth diapering, you can throw a cloth diaper party for them!  Similar to a regular diaper party where guests each buy a pack of disposables for the guest of honour, and they end up with a few months worth of diapers.  A cloth diaper party includes a mini workshop for those who are not familiar with cloth, and discounts are offered to the host/guest of honour, as well as the guests.  Instead of buying a pack of disposables, each guest purchases a cloth diaper, or diapering accessories and the guest of honour can end up with a full stash plus accessories and be set for the entire diapering life of their baby (and the next baby, too!). Click here to find out more about cloth diaper parties.