.| Turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes .|

No, I don’t mean diaper changes, haha!  We are going through a lot of changes here at The Fluff & Stuff Shop HQ, including changing our location!  No doubt you’ve ready my cloth journey story at some point on the blog or on the website, or maybe even heard me tell it in person. From that, you will know that our family has had plans to move to the Truro area.  We are finally doing it this month!  June will be filled with packing boxes and sorting and purging things we don’t want to move.

I had also gone back to my day job back in March, but we have now decided that it wasn’t working out, I would have been leaving with the move anyways, but circumstances nudged us to decide that I would stay home with D and work on the shop more.

That’s not all!  Although I call A my “hubby”, we are not married, which we will be rectifying in late August.  Talk about changes!

All of these wonderful changes will be opening up some great opportunities for our customers and the shop.  More time slots for one-on-one sessions, more opportunities for FREE workshops, more time to work on projects!  Admittedly, this summer is going to be a bit nuts, but I am looking forward to it.  My response time may be delayed more than usual with everything that is going on, so if you don’t hear back from me within 24-48 hrs, please try again!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us so far! Great things are going to be happening!