I <3 Fuzzibunz!

This month Fuzzibunz has their Fuzzibunz Freebies promotion on.  Buy 5 Fuzzibunz One Size Elite and get the 6th one FREE!

With 4 days left to go, I want to share why I love Fuzzibunz cloth diapers, and to compare the new Elite to the previous version of the One Size diaper.
If you read my cloth journey, you know that I tried a few different diapers before deciding to complete my stash with Fuzzibunz.

What is so great about Fuzzibunz?

What I loved when I bought them –

  • One size: 7-35lbs
  • Snaps: durable, long lasting and harder for little ones to open
  • Elastic sizing: No rows of snaps showing, more control over sizing, more sizing options
  • Pocket diaper: easy to stuff, dries quickly
  • Rainbow of colours to choose from

What I loved later –

  • Quality product: quality materials that stand up to wear and tear
  • Lifetime warranty on snaps and PUL
  • Customer service: if you do end up with a boo boo that is under warranty, claims are fast and easy

Elite vs previous version summary

  • Elastics inside

    Previous One size on the left (in watermelon), new Elite on the right (in tootie frootie)

  • Trimmer fit
  • Minky inserts
  • Snap positions slightly changed
  • Smaller tabs

What’s so great about the Elite?

  • The elastics being on the inside keep them off of baby
  • Elite has the elastics and buttons to adjust the legs on the inside

    A trimmer fitting diaper with less bulk, thanks in part to the new design and part to the new minky inserts

  • Minky resists stink better than the previous microterry inserts, they are thinner but absorb the same amount, reducing the bulk
  • They eliminated the 4th snap from the hip snaps (I never used it, so I’m guessing no one else did either)
  • Snap spacing is closer together for more sizing control
  • Tabs are slightly smaller, contributing to the new trimmer design

    Elite on top of previous one size. You can see the difference in size.

    Both are set to fit D right now (21lbs)

Because this version is trimmer, I found we had to size the elastics one hole smaller on the legs and waist to get the same fit as our previous one size diapers, to me this means the diaper is likely to fit a little longer.

Both have their large insert inside, you can see the difference the minky in the Elite makes


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