Another year gone by, and what a year it’s been!

I have been seriously slacking in keeping up with this blog.  There is always something going on!  This is my… I don’t know.. 4th attempt at writing and completing this post!


In late April, we welcomed our second child, Baby K, to our family.  She was born via c-section at the IWK.  My recovery was much easier than with my son’s c-section, and she was a nursing pro from day 1.  We also took our cloth diapers with us to the hospital and dazzled all the nurses.  I didn’t realize how many cloth diaper users opt to leave their stash at home while in the hospital.  I can tell you that it wasn’t too difficult, and since we live almost 2 hours away, my hubby took the diapers to a friend’s house to wash them.

D is still uncertain of his new baby sister, and tandem nursing has been a new learning experience.  Especially when D doesn’t want K to touch him, or look at him, etc.

D is now day trained and only needs a diaper for sleeping, but up until August we had 2 in full time cloth.  It was not as difficult as I thought, we had to wash more often, but still managed to stay around the every 2 day mark.  We did increase our newborn stash this time, since we knew she would be small.  We had the 12 preemie prefolds and 2 covers we had with D, plus another 12 Fuzzibunz XSMall pocket diapers.  As she grew, we transitioned her to the Fuzzibunz one size diapers.  We did add more one size diapers to our stash as well and were working with 48 diapers between the two children.  Since D used less diapers, we took from him and sized them down for K.

The Shop

We had closed the showroom last winter to make room for our daughter, and as of September we were able to re-open it in another location in our home.  I am posting open hours on our Facebook page on a weekly basis.  For the most part, Thursdays will be our open day, otherwise Tuesday will be the day if Thursday has something going on.  I am working on expanding our stock again and look forward to seeing our customers face-to-face once more!

The new Fuzzibunz One Size Elite 2013 colours arrived in late September and are in stock, there are still some perfect size (Large and XSmall) in the discontinued colours in the shop and they are marked down by 30%!  I also brought in Planet Wise wet bags and am working on getting some pictures of my cloth diaper cakes up on the website and our Facebook page.  I will soon be adding more geek baby items to the mix with wipe cases commissioned from Handmade By Percilla in geeky fabrics.  I have also started to add items crocheted by me to the shop.  You can place special orders, or order items that I have listed on the website in the Toys & Apparel section.

As always, our items are tax free!  As a small business, I pay the taxes when I purchase items for the store instead of having our customers pay the tax.

I’m looking forward to another year full of changes (the only consistency children give you lol), and meeting new customers.