New Diaper Review

Now that I have the really super late reviews out of the way, I’ll be posting some reviews of the latest diapers we’ve been trying out and considering for the shop.  Again, if you love/hate these diapers, to each their own.  Cloth diapers are not a catch all (haha), different diapers work for different babies and different families.  I also apologize for the lack of photos on this one, I thought I had some, but can’t seem to find them right now.  If I do find them, I’ll add them 🙂

Blueberry Diapers

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this brand, so I decided to try them out.  The buy in as a retailer is significant, and there are quotas to meet, so I knew I would have to LOVE them in order to bring them in.  I ordered a variety to try, some pre-folds, covers, and AIO, wet bags and pail liners, so I this is more than just a diaper review.  Pricing on all items are in-line with other top brands.

I’ll start with the Simplex AIO:  I ordered the snap closure to try since that is my preference.  Quality on the diaper is good, nice PUL and snaps.  They design is similar to the Tots Bots Easy fit where it is an AIO with a tongue and pocket to help with drying time.  The inner is organic cotton and the tongue has a layer of stay dry fleece so you can lay it on top and have a stay dry layer instead of tucking it in the pocket and having the natural cotton touching baby.  Baby K has been the tester for this one, she has a tiny waist and chunky thighs, so we’ve had issues with fit on a lot of diapers.  This one worked better than some, but because there are only 2 vertical snaps for closure, we ended up with wing droop.  I am also not a fan of the absorbent cotton going to the edge of the leg opening.  We had a few wicking issues with that.  Even with the tongue out for better drying, I found this diaper was damp at the end of our usual routine and needed to hang a bit afterward.  This diaper made its way to the bottom of the pile after about a month. Pros: good quality, average price, decent fit, absorbent, natural fibres.  Cons: Longer drying time, wing droop, wicking

Cotton Pre-folds + Coveralls cover: Baby K tested both of these, D uses the cover for night time.  It’s no secret, we are a pocket diaper family, but pre-folds are always a good investment because they have so many uses beyond just being a diaper.  These cotton twill prefolds are good quailty, 4x8x4 layers make them nice and absorbent.  They fluffed up really nicely after being prepped and when we use them, they are more than enough absorbency.  Paired with the coverall (in hook & loop), no leaks were the result.  K pulls off any H&L diaper that goes on her, so not a great option there.  So, the cover made its way to D’s night time stash to be used over fitted diapers.  We are still using this cover after 6+ months.  The hook & loop is getting a bit stiff, but I’m still happy with its performance. Pros: average price, good quality. Cons: stiffening of H&L over time

Wetbag & diaper pail liner: We use a cloth diaper pail and line it with a liner on a regular basis, so this is our usual set up.  I was not impressed by this liner, the PUL is thinner than I’m used to, it didn’t function as well as I expected.  The bag frequently ended up wet on the bottom outside, and smells were not contained as well as our usual set up.  Same goes for the wetbag.  Smells are just not contained as well as other brands we use.  I also am not a fan of the strap not opening to hang somewhere.  We stopped using the pail liner after about 2 weeks, but we still use the wetbag if we are out of our other ones.  Pros: average price.  Cons: poor order control, poor wetness control.

Overall, it was kind of a hit or miss with the group of products we tried.  In the end, I decided to hold off on investing in this brand right now.  They are still on my list for future consideration.

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