Planet Wise Products Review

I brought Planet Wise Wet bags and pail liners in last year, and also some of their new diaper covers and prefolds. Here are some quick notes from me on the products I have used so far.

Our Planet Wise wet/dry bag is the only wetbag we have left from our original stash purchase in February 2011 before D was born.  Our other bags have had issues with PUL delaminating, stitching coming out, or we just didn’t like them.  It is my go to bag for short outings where only 1 diaper is needed.  The dry section can hold that one diaper, some wipes and wipe spray.  It saves me from bringing our big diaper bag.  wetdry_topMy only “issue” is that the waterproof layer turns out in the wash and has to be tucked back in, and if you forget about it, the cotton outer can eventually start to get damp (not really sure why because no liquid actually escapes the inner, might be the zipper?).  Quality of the materials is great, as I said, this is the only wetbag that has survived 3 years of cloth diapering so far.  As a retailer, my biggest complaint is that there are SO MANY designs to choose from, I simply can not stock all of them at once.  However, they are easily special ordered in, so that makes up for it!

I haven’t tried the other size bags, but they are all made of the same quality, so I have no doubts about them what-so-ever.

Prefolds & covers: Again, you can’t go wrong with pre-folds, Planet Wise has a 2 size system (you fold short way for a smaller fit), nice fluffy diaper with lots of layers, no complaints.  I like that it is a 2 size system, but because of that they don’t really have a super small size for little newbies or preemies.  The covers I have a love/hate relationship with.  When I first bought them I PW_Cover_Landingthought they would be good for fitted diapers too, but that hasn’t been my experience.  They are fabulous with Prefolds, and have a flap at each end to tuck them into (or any insert really).  Those wonderful flaps wick moisture though, so when the cover is over a fitted diaper, it just sucks up liquid and the outside cotton becomes damp.  They’re also not as stretchy as I’m used to.  Again, they’re a 2 size system, and they adjust with snaps on the front.  The size 2 easily goes between K and D with no trouble.  There are a number of really cute prints that match the PW wetbags, so if you like being matchy matchy you have lots of choices.

You can find all of our Planet Wise products here.  If there is a product or design you would like brought it, let us know.


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