A month of Birthdays and a busy Spring!

I’ve promised to try and keep up with the blog again, now that K is older I can sometimes manage to get some work done.

This weekend, D is turning 3!  What a crazy 3 years!  DSCN0305From a tiny 18.5 in. & 6#8oz bundle, to a (still on the small side) 35 in. & 27# kid.  Watching him grow and learn has been extraordinary.  We’ve had a lot of ups and downs, dealing with food allergies (milk, egg, & peanut) on top of the usual first time parent/baby problems.  We’re still navigating the food issues, now with new toddler-isms to tackle!

This weekend also marks the start of Spring trade show season!  I’ll be at the Glengarry in Truro on Sunday at the Spring Has Sprung sale with a selection from the shop and some specials.

Then, just 5 days after D’s bday, I am turning the “Big 3-0”.  I don’t feel any different?  Am I supposed to?  I’m going to be a real adult now right? Nothing special planned, but I have already decided that I must watch the Friends episode “the one with all the birthdays” 🙂  My “baby” sister also turns 14 just a week later, if that doesn’t make me feel old, I don’t know what will lol  Baby K looks a lot like her auntie and gets called her name more often than I like to admit!  Easter is late this year, so we get a small break, but then K turns 1 just a few days later (SHE’S 1 ALREADY???!!!!), followed by…..


We’re going big this year!  It’s been a long stretch of planning, but the payoff will be fantastic!  We have 20 local vendors set up for a family shopping event Saturday, April 26th 2014 from 10-2pm to accompany the change (10:30am).  Along with Andrea of Enchanted Forest, we welcomed Jessica of Branching Out to our co-hosting team!  We have 27 pre-registered participants already!!  To register, go to http://gcdctrurons.eventbrite.ca

You can also like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gcdctrurons

SO!  To celebrate all of the birthdays and GCDC, I’m going to be running some great promos and games over on our Facebook Page.  Starting March 22 and running until April 23, make sure you have our page set to “follow” and to “show in newsfeed”.  Coupons, prizes, and games!


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