The end of a journey and the beginning of another

I started with this in 2011, I lived in Enfield and didn’t like driving 1 hr into the heart of Halifax to get cloth diapers.  I wanted a local shop to visit in the Truro area.  At that time, East Coast Baby in New Glasgow (used to be East Coast Diapers), was online only and I had a hard time getting in contact with the owner so I thought perhaps they were no longer around (sorry, Kim!).  I also didn’t know that in the exact same month that I registered my domain name, Andrea was starting the process of purchasing Enchanted Forest to bring to Truro.  I can honestly say, that I would not have started my business if I had known that.  I have enjoyed the experience, and helping introduce families to cloth diapering.  I have made many friends through this journey, and I do not regret any of it!  I feel like now is the right time to move on.  My husband has a new job in the city, and the possibility of us moving again is high.  I have also found my new passion…..


Independent Consultant_Vertical Lockup

If you haven’t heard of Jamberry Nails, you need to check them out!

Jamberry Nails are vinyl adhesives you can apply in your own home in fifteen minutes, for less than $5 an application!! Lasting up to 2 weeks on your fingernails and up to 6 weeks on your toenails.  They are non-toxic, gluten free, vegan, latex free, and not tested on animals.  They are made in the USA, and are a family owned company started by 3 sisters.  They launched in 2010 in the US, and just launched in Canada in September 2013, with Atlantic Canada’s soft launch starting April 1st of this year.  I am proud to say that I am a part of the nail revolution!


10001177_10201075416242260_465393881_oWith over 300 designs, plus a Nail Art Studio for you to design your own, there are options for everyone!  They are easy to apply at home, with tools you already have (hair dryer, nail file, nail scissors/clippers, cuticle pusher), they are also safe for children, and offer a junior line of designs.

You can shop online anytime through my website: and have your order shipped directly to you.  You can also host a Facebook party, that’s right, I said Facebook party! No cleaning required, no bra required, sit back in your comfy clothes with your favourite beverage, and have some fun with your friends while you earn FREE Jamberry!  Once the soft launch is over, you will also be able to host traditional home parties and have a mani/pedi night with your friends!  Party spots are filling up quickly, May is already booked up!

Follow me on Facebook for product updates, open party spots, and to find out what shopping events I will be attending!

If you are interested in more information on becoming a host, or joining my team, please contact me through my page!


Thank you for following me! It’s been a slice!


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