Contest Closed! – Announcing our Winners

First off, thank you to everyone who entered our contest.  The month went by so quickly!

The winner of the $50 gift certificate is….. Sara Ashley, with 38 entries!

The winners of 20% off their next purchase are: Erica Busby and Catherine P. Cue!

Congratulations ladies!

Here are all the clues, with answers, from the Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Owl (Resources page)
  2. Created by Tereson Dupuy at her Kitchen Table in Lafayette, LA. Hint: check the webstore. (Fuzzibunz Diaper)
  3. Head over to the blog and find something that makes a great gift for someone’s Heiny (HH starter kit, blog post giving the gift of cloth)
  4. April 21st, we’re co-hosting something ‘great’.  Find the Facebook Page for the event. The next clue is in the description. (
  5. I’m soft and cuddly.  I come in many patterns and can help calm a crying baby.  I come in a pack of 4. Hint: check the webstore  (A+A 4-packs)
  6. A diaper that is rectangular, with many layers sewn together. Requires some folding, a fastener and a cover. Hint: check the website (prefolds and covers)
  7. If you want to share learning about cloth with friends and family, and receive discounts in the process, you would host a….? hint: check the website(Diaper Party)
  8. Swing over to our Facebook page and find a picture of my Baby, baby, baby…oh! (Justin Bieber pic on FB, D’s fluffy butt)
  9. While you’re here, scroll down the wall and find a sudsy post 😉 (sweet n sudsy)
  10. Head back to the blog, and find the #1 choice for Rockin’ your cloth diaper laundry (Smashing watermelons RnG, post we have a winner)
  11. Head over to the website and find the information for defective products.  Who is typically responsible for defective merchandise? (the manufacturer, policies page)
  12. One last clue! Go find “joy in a box” on the website (Fluff mail, about page)

This was fun!  Now I’ll have to work on something for next year, when D turns 2 (eeek!)


Scavenger Hunt Clue #8

We’re celebrating D’s birthday today with friends and family, s0 here’s something for a little fun.

Swing over to our Facebook page and find a picture of my Baby, baby, baby…oh! The next clue will be in the description 🙂


Only 4 more clues to go! and one week left of the contest!



Scavenger Hunt Clue #6 – We’re half way there!

A diaper type that is rectangular, with many layers sewn together. Requires some folding, a fastener and a cover. Hint: check the website

We’ve just passed the half way point in the contest!  I’ve received a lot of entries!!  There are two lovely ladies who are neck in neck for that $50 gift certificate and a few close behind them!  Keep it up, it’s still anyone’s game!

Don’t forget to come back to the original contest post and comment to tell me what you’ve done to enter!

Where did the last year go? or D turning 1

Okay, so it hasn’t been a year yet, but the 1 month countdown to D’s 1st birthday starts today.  To celebrate, we’re going to have some fun, and you can win prizes, and get discounts!

At the end of the contest period, the person with the most entries will receive a $50 gift certificate to the shop! (draw date will be Sunday March 25th after the Truro Welcome Wagon Baby Show.)

I will also use to draw 2 names who will each receive a secondary prize of 20% off their next order. There will also be random opportunities to receive small prizes throughout the contest period.


Spread the Word

Tell your friends about The Fluff & Stuff Shop!  Then come back here and comment what you did so I will know.

  • Like us (or be a current fan) on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Share our Facebook Page (1 entry)
  • Tag our Facebook Page in a post {@The Fluff & Stuff Shop} (1 entry)
  • Have your friends post on our wall and tell us you sent them (1 entry each)
  • Comment on or Like a post on Facebook (1 entry)
  • Make a purchase (2 entries for every $10)
  • Rate us on Padded Tush Stats (1 entry)
  • Follow our blog (1 entry)
  • Re-blog this blog entry (5 entries)
  • Sign up for our e-mail list (2 entries)
  • Follow me on Pinterest (1 entry)
  • Pin this blog post on Pinterest (1 entry) use the logo –>
  • Pin items from our website or shop on Pinterest (1 entry)

Scavenger Hunt

Make your way around our website, Facebook page, and blog searching for the next item on the list.   Sometimes I’ll give the item, sometimes you’ll have to figure it out based on a clue.  It could be an image, a word, or a product.  Remember to keep track, you will need your list later.  Once you find the item, you will get a head start in the hunt by receiving the next item or clue! Post them as you find them (item and where) here in the comments as a separate comment (we don’t want to give away the answers before everyone has a chance to find them).  Each item you find also gives you 1 entry into the draw for the $50 gift certificate.  I will post a new clue every few days, so if you don’t find one of them, no worries, you still have a chance to find the next one!

1st on the list: D’s birthday theme is Owls, go to the website and find a picture of an owl!