I <3 Fuzzibunz!

This month Fuzzibunz has their Fuzzibunz Freebies promotion on.  Buy 5 Fuzzibunz One Size Elite and get the 6th one FREE!

With 4 days left to go, I want to share why I love Fuzzibunz cloth diapers, and to compare the new Elite to the previous version of the One Size diaper.
If you read my cloth journey, you know that I tried a few different diapers before deciding to complete my stash with Fuzzibunz.

What is so great about Fuzzibunz?

What I loved when I bought them –

  • One size: 7-35lbs
  • Snaps: durable, long lasting and harder for little ones to open
  • Elastic sizing: No rows of snaps showing, more control over sizing, more sizing options
  • Pocket diaper: easy to stuff, dries quickly
  • Rainbow of colours to choose from

What I loved later –

  • Quality product: quality materials that stand up to wear and tear
  • Lifetime warranty on snaps and PUL
  • Customer service: if you do end up with a boo boo that is under warranty, claims are fast and easy

Elite vs previous version summary

  • Elastics inside

    Previous One size on the left (in watermelon), new Elite on the right (in tootie frootie)

  • Trimmer fit
  • Minky inserts
  • Snap positions slightly changed
  • Smaller tabs

What’s so great about the Elite?

  • The elastics being on the inside keep them off of baby
  • Elite has the elastics and buttons to adjust the legs on the inside

    A trimmer fitting diaper with less bulk, thanks in part to the new design and part to the new minky inserts

  • Minky resists stink better than the previous microterry inserts, they are thinner but absorb the same amount, reducing the bulk
  • They eliminated the 4th snap from the hip snaps (I never used it, so I’m guessing no one else did either)
  • Snap spacing is closer together for more sizing control
  • Tabs are slightly smaller, contributing to the new trimmer design

    Elite on top of previous one size. You can see the difference in size.

    Both are set to fit D right now (21lbs)

Because this version is trimmer, I found we had to size the elastics one hole smaller on the legs and waist to get the same fit as our previous one size diapers, to me this means the diaper is likely to fit a little longer.

Both have their large insert inside, you can see the difference the minky in the Elite makes


How to Afford Cloth Diapers on a Budget

This is a follow up on my last post: Cheap Diapers.  It also happens to be the education focus for today as part of Real Diaper Week.

There is a certain degree of sticker shock when buying your stash of cloth diapers.  Even when you know in the long run you are saving a minimum of $1000 vs buying disposables, the fact is most people buy disposables one or two packages at a time on grocery day or when they run out.  It’s harder to see that $1500-3000 flying out of your pocket when it’s only $17 a pop.  Looking at starting your cloth diaper stash and seeing that on average a pocket diaper is going to cost you $24 up front and you need 24-36 of them, yeah, $600 upfront is a lot.

If you are truly working on a budget and thinking of buying the cheapie diapers instead of quality diapers, here are some ways to still buy quality diapers and soften the blow to your wallet:

  • You don’t have to buy them all at once – Maybe this one seems obvious, but it isn’t.  You can easily build a great stash over time buying 1 diaper a week.  If you do this, it will take you 24-36 weeks to have your full stash, but it won’t be as much of a shock to your wallet.
  • Mix it Up – It’s true, I love pocket diapers, but I also loved having pre-folds for D when he was brand new.  Many cloth diapering families also love pre-folds full time or part time.  They aren’t much more work (hello, Snappi(R)), and they are inexpensive! A 6 pack of Bummis prefolds is $19 for Infant size (7-15lbs), and a Bummis cover is around $13.  If you made your full stash of prefolds you would only need 6 or so covers, and 24-36 inserts.  Yes, you have to go to the next size (Baby – 15-30lbs is $30 for a 6 pack), but prefolds are good for everything from cleaning up spills, to washing your windows, they are truly a great investment.  Even buying the two sizes, an entire stash of prefolds and covers is only around $400. Again, you can buy a pack of inserts one week, and buy a cover the next to slowly build your stash.
  • Pre Loved Diapers – One of the bonuses of buying quality diapers in the first place is that you can re-sell them and get back a good chunk of what you invested, as long as you maintained them well.  This works in favour of those on a budget as well, you can buy these pre loved and well cared for diapers at a fraction of the new price and still have quality on your baby’s bottom.  Search Kijiji, or cloth diaper forums like diaperswappers.com.  Many of the diapers are barely used, some people just didn’t like that particular diaper for their family and need to pass it on, some families are just done diapering, and some people have cloth diaper addictions and need to pass on some of the accumulation so they can buy more.  True, you should be cautious when buying pre loved diapers, and you will have to strip them, but you are still better off with quality pre loved diapers vs the cheaply made options.
  • Factory Seconds – Quality diapers go through inspections before being sent out for retailers to sell to their customers, those diapers are first quality.  Factory seconds are the ones that are second quality and didn’t quite make the cut.  Sometimes it’s something cosmetic, like the thread colour is wrong, or the snaps are the wrong colour.  Most of the big diaper companies have a seconds website for you to stake out and snap up deals on these almost perfect diapers.  It really is a stake out and grab mission, so you need to have time to watch them and be fast enough to grab them.  Some of them do have issues that will require some sewing or snap replacements, but if you are crafty it may be worth your while.  Keep in mind, these diapers don’t come with the same warranty as the first quality ones do, but it is still another option for snagging great diapers.
  • Sales – That’s right, wait for a good old fashion sale!  Throughout the year many of the diaper companies will offer great discounts to their retailers to pass on to you!  Retailers also have short sales or coupons you can use to stock up and save.  Join your local retailer’s Facebook Page, or email list to get notified of their great sales!
  • Gifts – If you are having a baby, and you know you want to cloth diaper, let your friends and family know.  Make a registry with your favourite cloth diaper shop, or host a cloth diaper party.  A cloth diaper party is a fun way to build your stash with help from friends and family (or to help them build their own stash).  It is a great add on to a baby shower, too.  A Diaper Party from The Fluff & Stuff Shop gives each guest a 5% discount, the host or guest of honour gets 10% plus bonus goodies depending on the total sales of the party.  You can even host a virtual party leading up to your baby shower, same discounts, but everyone gets a coupon code to buy online.


I hope this will help some of you who are struggling to afford diapers for your family.  We all do the best we can within our means.  I don’t believe that we should have to sacrifice quality in the name of affordability.

Cheap Diapers

Cheap Diapers.  Check out this great entry by fellow home based cloth diaper retailer, Babies Bottoms and More. She talks about reasons to avoid the cheap ($8 china made) cloth diapers.

And here’s my 2 cents:

I absolutely cannot stress this enough, quality in a diaper is important!  This is going on your baby’s bum.  They are in their diapers all day and all night (with some exceptions). They take a beating, that’s for sure, and they need to stand up to the wear and tear of being used and washed every other day for 2 years or so, and if you are going to make the investment, you hope they will last through multiple children as well.

My favourite point in her post is : Warranty, warranty, warranty!!  Why do you care about a warranty?  because if there is a manufacturer’s defect in your diaper, they will replace it for you!  Fuzzibunz has a LIFETIME warranty on snaps and PUL (the waterproofing layer), let me say that again: LIFETIME WARRANTY! Forget diapers, does anything else you own really have a lifetime warranty?  This is one of the companies that stands behind their product, even to the point of putting on such a fabulous warranty, and holding it up.  The process is easy, contact them through their website, receive a return number, mail them your shells (you keep your inserts and bonus elastics if you haven’t used them yet). They mail you brand new diapers to replace the defective ones.

Another thing that weighs on my mind in regard to the cheap diapers is that we don’t know the working conditions in the factories they are made in, what are the environmental standards?  Do they use child labour?  Honestly, I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I doubt they are the answers I would want to hear.  Even with the cheap materials being used for these cheap diapers, there is just no way that they could be sold for $8 and turn a profit without cutting some corners somewhere.  I know where my Fuzzibunz are made, and I know that they care so much about the standards and working conditions of their factory that they picked up and moved their operations when the previous facility didn’t meet their standards, that’s a big cost for a company.  I know that my Happy Heinys are made in the USA by locals, and my Monkey Doodlez are made in Canada, also sewn by locals.

I can give you the information and my opinion, but I can’t tell you what is right for your family.  If you want to try a cheap diaper, knock yourself out.  I know the sticker shock with cloth diapers is hard to swallow sometimes, but the reality is that you are saving thousands of dollars by using cloth diapers in the first place, and as my hubby often says:

“You don’t cheap out on your children”