Shipping Promo to beat the Winter Blahs!


At this point in Winter, I am always feeling pretty down.  It’s dark, it’s cold, and I’m stuck in the house!  The family is always battling some sort of cold that won’t end, and I just can’t wait for Spring!


Product shipments always cheer me up though 🙂  Who doesn’t love fluff mail?!  So, I’m offering a shipping promotion until Spring! (March 20) 

Orders up to $99 receive half price shipping (that’s $7.50 flat rate), and orders over $99 get FREE shipping! YAY!


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New products and pre-orders

Thank you to everyone who took the new product survey, it was a huge help!  I had been thinking about nursing covers (even though they’re not my thing personally), and they were bottom of the list!  Everyone should check their email for their $5 off coupon 🙂

The winner of the 1 year membership was Percilla M.  Congratulations again!

Imagine Baby Rawr diaper and rawrgle leggings

Imagine Baby Rawr diaper and rawrgle leggings


So, what did we learn?  Everyone wants more diapers!  I hear you loud and clear!  Sadly, I have been rejected by my top choices for some of the brands you all requested, my little home based and web store do not qualify for some of these brands at this time.  BUT, through Planet Wise Inc.  we do have access to Best Bottoms diapers and Imagine Baby products (same inventor from Nicki’s Diapers).  I have been testing these out on Baby K and on D for a few months, and I am VERY happy with them!  So, you can look forward to a new selection of prefolds, bamboo fitteds, covers, and eventually AIOs and Pockets.  You can place pre-orders for these items on the website right now to ensure that we bring in the size and design that you want.  No need to pre-pay!  Imagine Baby also offers matching baby leggings (further on the list, but still in the top set of answers in the survey), and muslin swaddling blankets.

My Swim Baby Wilma the Whale

My Swim Baby Wilma the Whale


In second place, swim diapers and other swim accessories.  Also through Planet Wise Inc. we have access to My Swim Baby’s line of swim diapers, UV tops and hats for your baby (or toddler).  These are also up on the website for pre-order.  There are some fantastic designs and lots of size options, too!

Next up was Crochet baby blankets made by yours truly.  I am absolutely working on this!  I have a lot of fun geeky ideas in my head just waiting to bust out!  Including some 8-bit blankets designs, and My Little Pony inspired designs.  Keep your eye on our Facebook Page and the website for these to be announced later this year.

After that there were ties for baby leggings (see above), baby clothing, and toys.  We have some geeky baby onesies and toys on the way!  Check out what’s coming in our Geeky Goodies section!





2014 New Product Survey

Once again, I am looking forward and trying to decide what to bring in to the shop this year.  There are so many great products I would love to have!  Of course, I want to and need to be different while carrying products that my customers actually want to buy.  This is where you come in!

This month I am running our 2014 new product survey here:

You will also receive a pop up invite on our website (pop up blocker will stop this though).  You will receive a $5 coupon for the shop for filling it out, plus be entered to win a free 1-year membership to The Fluff & Stuff Club (details).

I value your input!  Something I thought would be a big hit, has already been proven to be the least desirable item on the list!  I really appreciate the feedback 🙂

Another year gone by, and what a year it’s been!

I have been seriously slacking in keeping up with this blog.  There is always something going on!  This is my… I don’t know.. 4th attempt at writing and completing this post!


In late April, we welcomed our second child, Baby K, to our family.  She was born via c-section at the IWK.  My recovery was much easier than with my son’s c-section, and she was a nursing pro from day 1.  We also took our cloth diapers with us to the hospital and dazzled all the nurses.  I didn’t realize how many cloth diaper users opt to leave their stash at home while in the hospital.  I can tell you that it wasn’t too difficult, and since we live almost 2 hours away, my hubby took the diapers to a friend’s house to wash them.

D is still uncertain of his new baby sister, and tandem nursing has been a new learning experience.  Especially when D doesn’t want K to touch him, or look at him, etc.

D is now day trained and only needs a diaper for sleeping, but up until August we had 2 in full time cloth.  It was not as difficult as I thought, we had to wash more often, but still managed to stay around the every 2 day mark.  We did increase our newborn stash this time, since we knew she would be small.  We had the 12 preemie prefolds and 2 covers we had with D, plus another 12 Fuzzibunz XSMall pocket diapers.  As she grew, we transitioned her to the Fuzzibunz one size diapers.  We did add more one size diapers to our stash as well and were working with 48 diapers between the two children.  Since D used less diapers, we took from him and sized them down for K.

The Shop

We had closed the showroom last winter to make room for our daughter, and as of September we were able to re-open it in another location in our home.  I am posting open hours on our Facebook page on a weekly basis.  For the most part, Thursdays will be our open day, otherwise Tuesday will be the day if Thursday has something going on.  I am working on expanding our stock again and look forward to seeing our customers face-to-face once more!

The new Fuzzibunz One Size Elite 2013 colours arrived in late September and are in stock, there are still some perfect size (Large and XSmall) in the discontinued colours in the shop and they are marked down by 30%!  I also brought in Planet Wise wet bags and am working on getting some pictures of my cloth diaper cakes up on the website and our Facebook page.  I will soon be adding more geek baby items to the mix with wipe cases commissioned from Handmade By Percilla in geeky fabrics.  I have also started to add items crocheted by me to the shop.  You can place special orders, or order items that I have listed on the website in the Toys & Apparel section.

As always, our items are tax free!  As a small business, I pay the taxes when I purchase items for the store instead of having our customers pay the tax.

I’m looking forward to another year full of changes (the only consistency children give you lol), and meeting new customers.

A New Year with lots of new things to look forward to

I have been a bad blogger! There is so much change happening in our house.  If you are subscribed to our email newsletter, then you already know that we are making room for baby #2, due the first week of May.  After much thought, we decided that we needed to close our home showroom and reclaim that room for the new baby.  As of December 23rd the showroom officially closed.  So what does that mean for you?  We are not closing!  We will continue to offer appointments as we always have, and order pick up.  We have reduced some of our stock, but are keeping our top selling items like Fuzzibunz, Grandma El’s and Rockin’ Green.  You can still shop online at anytime at!  Don’t forget to check the clearance section for some great deals!

I have also added a couple more home businesses to my plate.  I am now an Independent Representative for Regal ( and I am the MOST excited about becoming an Independent Consultant for Tupperware!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this journey so far.  I am really looking forward to what 2013 has in store!

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