Imagine Baby Products Review

We all like to “try before we buy”, and I’m no different.  Especially when it comes to making an investment in store inventory.  I can only feel confident selling products that I have used or would use on my own children.  I purchased some Imagine Baby products to try out before Christmas 2013.  Baby K was big enough to need a fitted diaper for over night, and D is still using his, so we needed to add a few to our stash.  Imagine Baby has bamboo fitteds in a one-size and also a newborn size, you can choose from hook & loop closure or snaps, and there are 5 colours.  You know me, I love snaps, so I scooped up a snap lavender fitted for K plus one of their cute covers (also H&L or Snaps, O/S or NB, and 8 designs/colours).  I also grabbed a H&L cover for D (how could I pass up a Dinosaur cover?).  The price point is middle of the road, and the quality so far is great.  IBP_Cover_Flutter

The fitted diaper looks small, but is very stretchy.  This also works well to accommodate K’s chubby thighs/skinny waist build.  This diaper is very absorbent.  We have not had to add any additional stuffing other than the included snap in booster.  On the flip side, that does make it take longer to dry.  It always comes out damp if we run our usual 50 minutes on low, nothing a quick 15 minute touch up or just hanging on the basket won’t fix.  I feel like it is a good trade off.

The covers have done very well for us too.  No leaks from either kiddo, the double leg gussets (a must in my opinion) do their job, and again, these are quite stretchy which helps get a good fit.  The H&L on D’s cover is doing good so far, I think the soft laundry tabs help with that.

IBP_Cover_Rawr_HLAfter having such success with these items, I decided to bring in a variety of Imagine Baby items, so with this latest shipment I also brought in their baby leggings,  training pants and muslin blankets to check out. I also have some of their bio-liners, fleece liners, and pre-folds on hand.  My resources are limited so quantities are not high right now, but these items can easily be ordered, so you can place special orders for them on the website if they are not in-stock.

Click here to buy your own Imagine Baby products at, or come by the shop to check them out!


New products and pre-orders

Thank you to everyone who took the new product survey, it was a huge help!  I had been thinking about nursing covers (even though they’re not my thing personally), and they were bottom of the list!  Everyone should check their email for their $5 off coupon 🙂

The winner of the 1 year membership was Percilla M.  Congratulations again!

Imagine Baby Rawr diaper and rawrgle leggings

Imagine Baby Rawr diaper and rawrgle leggings


So, what did we learn?  Everyone wants more diapers!  I hear you loud and clear!  Sadly, I have been rejected by my top choices for some of the brands you all requested, my little home based and web store do not qualify for some of these brands at this time.  BUT, through Planet Wise Inc.  we do have access to Best Bottoms diapers and Imagine Baby products (same inventor from Nicki’s Diapers).  I have been testing these out on Baby K and on D for a few months, and I am VERY happy with them!  So, you can look forward to a new selection of prefolds, bamboo fitteds, covers, and eventually AIOs and Pockets.  You can place pre-orders for these items on the website right now to ensure that we bring in the size and design that you want.  No need to pre-pay!  Imagine Baby also offers matching baby leggings (further on the list, but still in the top set of answers in the survey), and muslin swaddling blankets.

My Swim Baby Wilma the Whale

My Swim Baby Wilma the Whale


In second place, swim diapers and other swim accessories.  Also through Planet Wise Inc. we have access to My Swim Baby’s line of swim diapers, UV tops and hats for your baby (or toddler).  These are also up on the website for pre-order.  There are some fantastic designs and lots of size options, too!

Next up was Crochet baby blankets made by yours truly.  I am absolutely working on this!  I have a lot of fun geeky ideas in my head just waiting to bust out!  Including some 8-bit blankets designs, and My Little Pony inspired designs.  Keep your eye on our Facebook Page and the website for these to be announced later this year.

After that there were ties for baby leggings (see above), baby clothing, and toys.  We have some geeky baby onesies and toys on the way!  Check out what’s coming in our Geeky Goodies section!





2014 New Product Survey

Once again, I am looking forward and trying to decide what to bring in to the shop this year.  There are so many great products I would love to have!  Of course, I want to and need to be different while carrying products that my customers actually want to buy.  This is where you come in!

This month I am running our 2014 new product survey here:

You will also receive a pop up invite on our website (pop up blocker will stop this though).  You will receive a $5 coupon for the shop for filling it out, plus be entered to win a free 1-year membership to The Fluff & Stuff Club (details).

I value your input!  Something I thought would be a big hit, has already been proven to be the least desirable item on the list!  I really appreciate the feedback 🙂

I <3 Fuzzibunz!

This month Fuzzibunz has their Fuzzibunz Freebies promotion on.  Buy 5 Fuzzibunz One Size Elite and get the 6th one FREE!

With 4 days left to go, I want to share why I love Fuzzibunz cloth diapers, and to compare the new Elite to the previous version of the One Size diaper.
If you read my cloth journey, you know that I tried a few different diapers before deciding to complete my stash with Fuzzibunz.

What is so great about Fuzzibunz?

What I loved when I bought them –

  • One size: 7-35lbs
  • Snaps: durable, long lasting and harder for little ones to open
  • Elastic sizing: No rows of snaps showing, more control over sizing, more sizing options
  • Pocket diaper: easy to stuff, dries quickly
  • Rainbow of colours to choose from

What I loved later –

  • Quality product: quality materials that stand up to wear and tear
  • Lifetime warranty on snaps and PUL
  • Customer service: if you do end up with a boo boo that is under warranty, claims are fast and easy

Elite vs previous version summary

  • Elastics inside

    Previous One size on the left (in watermelon), new Elite on the right (in tootie frootie)

  • Trimmer fit
  • Minky inserts
  • Snap positions slightly changed
  • Smaller tabs

What’s so great about the Elite?

  • The elastics being on the inside keep them off of baby
  • Elite has the elastics and buttons to adjust the legs on the inside

    A trimmer fitting diaper with less bulk, thanks in part to the new design and part to the new minky inserts

  • Minky resists stink better than the previous microterry inserts, they are thinner but absorb the same amount, reducing the bulk
  • They eliminated the 4th snap from the hip snaps (I never used it, so I’m guessing no one else did either)
  • Snap spacing is closer together for more sizing control
  • Tabs are slightly smaller, contributing to the new trimmer design

    Elite on top of previous one size. You can see the difference in size.

    Both are set to fit D right now (21lbs)

Because this version is trimmer, I found we had to size the elastics one hole smaller on the legs and waist to get the same fit as our previous one size diapers, to me this means the diaper is likely to fit a little longer.

Both have their large insert inside, you can see the difference the minky in the Elite makes

We’re here!

Hello Truro!

We are still getting settled in and there is a lot of work to be done to our new home, but you can arrange for pick up in Truro on Shannon Drive!  I have been spending a lot of time in New Glasgow visiting family with D while we are in transition.  I have taken D to the new house a few times to get used to the space.  He seems to like it so far, spent a lot of time playing in the empty closest and exploring his new domain.  Made himself right at home sitting on the fireplace, chilling out, having a drink of water.

I told A that the first things to move had to be the shop stuff.  So, after he gives the green light I will be packing up shop and setting up in the new house.  I am so excited to finally have a dedicated space to display my products 🙂  I’m still trying to work out the best location in the house though, how do you feel about stairs?

In between unpacking the rest of the house and wedding planning, I will be working on the showroom this summer.  Hopefully, it will be ready for a grand re-opening just in time for our 1 year birthday celebration in September!

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.| Turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes .|

No, I don’t mean diaper changes, haha!  We are going through a lot of changes here at The Fluff & Stuff Shop HQ, including changing our location!  No doubt you’ve ready my cloth journey story at some point on the blog or on the website, or maybe even heard me tell it in person. From that, you will know that our family has had plans to move to the Truro area.  We are finally doing it this month!  June will be filled with packing boxes and sorting and purging things we don’t want to move.

I had also gone back to my day job back in March, but we have now decided that it wasn’t working out, I would have been leaving with the move anyways, but circumstances nudged us to decide that I would stay home with D and work on the shop more.

That’s not all!  Although I call A my “hubby”, we are not married, which we will be rectifying in late August.  Talk about changes!

All of these wonderful changes will be opening up some great opportunities for our customers and the shop.  More time slots for one-on-one sessions, more opportunities for FREE workshops, more time to work on projects!  Admittedly, this summer is going to be a bit nuts, but I am looking forward to it.  My response time may be delayed more than usual with everything that is going on, so if you don’t hear back from me within 24-48 hrs, please try again!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us so far! Great things are going to be happening!

Cloth diapers and childcare

I recently had to hunt for a new childcare provider for D.  I realized that a lot of providers are unfamiliar with modern cloth diapers, and are not very quick to accept them.  I have also found a lot who are perfectly fine with them and at least willing to learn.   It certainly was a process!

We lucked out the first time around and a fellow clothie was able to care for him when I started back to my day job.  We have now found a new provider who is more than willing to learn about cloth diapering, so I have been working on gathering information and creating a cloth diaper cheat sheet for her.  On our first meeting, I brought some of our diapers to show her and we talked about the types of diapers that our family uses and what we will be sending with D when he is in her care.  It will be a learning process for her, but it won’t take long to get into the swing of cloth.

Since the routine of cloth diapering is part of my life, I have had to try and remember all the little things I had to learn when we first started using cloth diapers.  How often to change, what to do with the diapers, what to do with the poop, how to put them on correctly, what creams are safe, etc.

I’m sure I will be working on this sheet and making some changes, but so far here is what I came up with:

Cloth Diapers How-to

  1. Change as needed, minimum of every 2 hrs
  2. Remove diaper(for Velcro diapers: use laundry tabs to secure velcro), if wet: put in wetbag; if poop: set aside to deal with after
  3. Spray cloth wipe with supplied wipe solution (you can use a lot of spray, it does not need to be rationed)
  4. Wipe and put used wipes in wetbag with diapers
  5. Put on new diaper.  It should fit so that you can fit a finger or two between baby and elastics at waist and legs.  Make sure no bits of cloth are hanging out (moisture will wick to clothing otherwise)
  6. After he is ready to go, if it was a poop, shake it into the toilet and put the diaper in the wetbag.  If for some reason it is a messy one and it won’t shake off, just put it in the bag and let us know that it is in there for us later.

I will be sending wipe spray, cloth wipes, diapers (of course), wetbags, cloth safe rash cream, and possibly bio-liners (haven’t decided yet).

I would like to create a kit for childcare providers who want to be cloth friendly with information and the incidentals that they could keep on hand to use for their cloth diapering families.  Wipe solution, bio-liners, cloth safe rash creams and a diaper sprayer. Maybe even some spare diapers.

What is your experience with cloth diapers and childcare?


Are you a childcare provider and interested in more information? Do you currently cloth diaper children you care for and have some tips to share? Leave a comment or email